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Expect lots of posts about Tampa Bay Rays, Brand New, The Wonder Years, all kinds of Pop Punk in general, Roller Derby, Andrew McMahon, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Hot Naked Tattooed People, The Swellers, No Sleep Records, How I Met Your Mother, Disney, Lush, and other random shit I enjoy.


fuckyeahrays replied to your post: Quality & Money. I went with two because of reasons.

:) P.S. You make me want to go to Orlando/Disney soon ..

Get your Lady and let’s go to Disney or Universal.
I have a pass to both. haha

fuckyeahrays replied to your post: Thanks Martin…. people I don’t know are reblogging…

I support spreading Eurcuh luv.

HAHA Thanks Jourdan! 
Luv you too.

fuckyeahrays replied to your post: The Charlotte Stone Crabs started following me on twitter today.

They followed me today on there as well! Weird.

I think they want us to come to a game. 

fuckyeahrays replied to your photo: Dear Seats, I spent a lot of time in you last year…

Nice little plaques.
HAHA Thanks. 
My dad made them say the name of the bar so he could use them as a tax write off.  

fuckyeahrays replied to your post: On February 16 I get to go to WDAE and be in studio with Joe Maddon!

Season tickets and now this? Really? REALLY?

I didn’t win or get this though!!
I’d bring you if I could but I am being brought to it.

fuckyeahrays replied to your post: Waiting for baseball season to start is going to be sooooooo much harder now…..


I still don’t really believe it.

Once I get the physical tickets I’ve got plans to share the wealth with my amazing Tumblr Rays family.