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I got bailed on.All guys are kinda the same or at least the ones I attract. I guess it’s just Macklemore and I tonight. 

I got bailed on.
All guys are kinda the same or at least the ones I attract. 
I guess it’s just Macklemore and I tonight. 

Can’t stop thinking about brownies.
Holding strong on not going to Publix.
WIll probably end going.

I give up…. just gunna be pudgy forever.


Normally when people piss me off I just ignore them.
Which he is making really easy to do by not talking to me either.
But it’s been over a week now and I am starting to get antsy.

This is a reason two stubborn people shouldn’t like each other. 

Dad - Did you go to the game alone?

Me - Yeah.

Dad - Oh why didn't ____ go with you?

Me - Cause he pissed me off.

Dad - Did he get that job he applied for?

Me - I don't know, like I said he pissed me off and we haven't talked lately.

Dad - What did he do?

Me - Nothing really I was just sick of dealing with him.

Dad - You are exactly like me.

Me - Thanks Dad.

The best friend and the boy. Someone’s a grad and the others a pretty princess. Can you guess whose who?

The best friend and the boy.
Someone’s a grad and the others a pretty princess.
Can you guess whose who?

So if you haven’t been paying attention to my text posts (which I am sure is most of you) my list of 2 or 3 guys I like has kind of been cut back to just one now. 

Boy 1 has a gf now…. meh he had her before so I am used to it.
Boy 2 told me he liked me but my very liberal beliefs and lack of religon where a no go for him…. meh I kind of assumed that was going to be an issue.

So that leaves me with Boy 3…. his name is Jesh…. I guess I can call him by his name seeing as he’s the only one left so it wont be confusing.

What is there to even say about Jesh?
I know him through friends.
He’s very cute but kind of nerdy which I enjoy.
We get along well, a few weeks ago we were at a friends house and they went to be around 2am and him and I laid on their couch and just talked about anything and everything until 9am.
He makes me feel comfortable, a few days before Halloween we were at the above mentioned friends house and the friend and I carved pumpkins while her bf and Jesh played BF3. Then him and I got in a huge pumpkin slime fight and rolled around on the ground slinging slime back and forth at each other and laughing. Then after that the 4 of us just watched movies for hours and it seemed so right like the 4 of us always did it and like him and I were together. He had his arm around me and kept pulling me in towards him.   

But then he has a slight issue…. he bails… A LOT
I knew this because of my friends.
They would always be like “Well Jesh said he was coming but who knows if he will show.”
He shows about 75% of the time.

Well on tuesday him and I were talking and he asked if I wanted to hang out.
We decided on when I got off work on Wednesday.
On Wednesday he never answered my texts.
I wasn’t upset cause I kind of knew it would happen.

Well yesterday he told me he does want to hang out sometimes this week.
I didn’t know my schedule yesterday when he asked so we didn’t make plans.
I got it today and I just texted him and told him.
So now I wait to hear from him and i just remembed he works the fucking dinner shift tonight so it might be a while of me waiting and trying to not stress myself over it.


The awkward moment when you realize you probably had a really really good chance to date a guy you liked (still kind of like) but never really took it further than being just friends because you thought he was WAY out of your league but now he’s “talking” to a girl who is 1- trashy 2- the same size or bigger than you and 3 - has a kid

He gave me lots of opportunities to say I liked him too.

(being “bigger” than me or having a kid are not bad things to me just…. yeah, I don’t mean them offensively. I just didn’t think he’d honestly like me cause I am chubby-ish.)

I open at work EVERY day this week.

Well 6 out of 7 of the days cause we were closed on Christmas. 
Today I worked until 4:30 and Saturday I work until 5.
Well the rest of the fucking week I work until 1:30.

I want to cry.

Oh and yes I have to get up at 8 to be to work by 10.